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Volunteer with us:


We rely upon volunteers to lead our fitness groups. You don’t need to be a particular speed or ability, just enthusiastic about fitness and willing to take a group out for a fitness class in your local area or lead an indoor one (subject to being qualified to do so).


Our classes generally take place during daylight; some during the day, others after working hours or at weekends.


As a volunteer, we would ask you to give an hour or so of your time regularly over a minimum number of weeks or months in order to enable us to keep the groups going.


Each of our outdoor groups are led by one or more volunteers, at least one of whom must have completed the Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) course or equivalent, which is a simple one day course delivered by UK Athletics.


The Leadership in Running Fitness course addresses barriers to participation in running, finding ways of appealing to those not traditionally attracted to running clubs.


Once qualified, you'll will have the skills and insurance needed to deliver fun and safe sessions to groups with different abilities.

Currently all of our groups are in London but we hope to expand.


Although our groups are women-only spaces, there are plenty of ways for all genders to volunteer within our charity and we welcome everyone who wishes to get involved


To find out more about volunteering with us, please get in touch.



Partner with us:


If you are an organisation or charity that works with women in the community who may be vulnerable to homelessness and other related issues, we would love to talk to you about delivering our programme with you. 


Alternatively, you can refer your clients to one of our existing groups in your local area.


Please contact us if you have a suggestion for a local service that we might partner with or to discuss how we can help provide a running group for your service users.



Join a group:


If you are a woman who is affected by issues connected with homelessness, or you have been in the past, please get in touch to find out about trying one of our free fitness classes in your local area.


It’s free, fun and easy. No previous experience is needed and you get to keep the shoes and clothes, plus refuel on some snacks afterwards.


Please get in touch with us to find out more or ask your progression worker, shelter or a service provider (e.g. RESTART Lives). 

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